Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Agenda

Monday, November 21
1:30-3:00 p.m.
428 Library

  1. Use of 428 and other Library conference rooms for regularly scheduled classes
    (10 minutes – Bob)
    Outcome: Suggestions for reaffirmation of or changes to current policy
  2. Retention of faculty and staff on Libnews and Libfac after retirement.
    (10 minutes – Beth)
    Outcome: Suggestions for Policy
  3. Presence in building after hours policy
    (40 minutes – Bob)
    Outcome: Revision of proposed policy and forwarding of same to EC for their comment
  4. Voyager downtime around Memorial Day for installation of new version -- implications for work, etc.
    (15 minutes – Bob and Beth)
    Outcome: Suggestions for workplace responses, alternate plans, etc.
  5. Announcements, etc.