Library Committee Handbook

Administrative Council

Administrative Council Agenda

February 21, 2005
1:30-3:00 pm
428 Library

  1. Tending to "homeless" collections
    K. Schmidt
    20 minutes
    Outcome: Agreement on how to handle certain types of collections that appear to have no permanent care
  2. Supporting staff through difficult personal times
    Kaufman, German, Kelly
    20 minutes
    Outcome: Agreement about providing support to faculty and staff
  3. Gift Books Destined for Oak Street
    15 minutes
    Outcome: Discussion of desirability and implications of processing gift materials to go directly to the Oak Street Facility
  4. Alumni Access to Licensed Databases
    Kaufman, Searing
    20 minutes
    Outcome: Understanding of financial limits and discussion of possible strategies to provide alumni access to some licensed databases
  5. Announcements and Updates
    15 minutes
    Undergraduate Survey