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Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committee




323c Library


    1. Review Draft of GA Orientation Curricula (David, Beth, Susan, Pat)
      1. Finalized list of courses, added some new ones for Primo, Special Collections, and refined circ courses
      2. Need to check with units to confirm match with type of reference they do; goal is for main list to apply to everyone in large Hubs, plus smaller units doing reference
      3. Maybe start earlier – 8/15
    2. Plan reference survey (staff and users)
      1. Assess impact of changes to Hub structure (NSM)
        1. How has reorganization affected:
          1. Quality of service to patrons
          2. Provision of discipline specific reference service
        2. Focus group/brown bag at end of Spring (Beth, Adriana, David)
          1. Do this instead of a survey, but use same topics
          2. Multiple groups, include faculty, staff, and GAs
          3. Have one group that is unit heads/management, then others which are for non-managers who provide reference
        3. Ongoing survey of reference (staff and patrons)
          1. Will wait for Fall 2013
          2. Satisfaction with quality of service
          3. Access to subject specialists
          4. Referral process