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Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committee




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  1. Referral Database update (Bill)
    1. Will be live after labor day
    2. Bill will send production URL to libnews
    3. Unit heads will be emailed to update membership and subjects assigned
    4. Will keep at Departmental level
  2. Hub Training Update (David and Beth)
    1. Schedule is posted
    2. Other Hubs should contact JoAnn if they want to attend or schedule a session for their Hub
  3. Reference Privacy Policy (David) - This is something Scott suggested before he left.
    1. RUSA virtual reference privacy policy
    2. Assign subgroup to look at RUSA/other pages, draft overall policy
    3. Include how we handle transcripts, files
    4. Compare to circulation policy
    5. Email AUL for Services about where this fits in wider context, best path to follow
    6. John, Adriana, Susan
  4. Fall Planning for Agenda items
    1. Ask AUL for Services at September meeting how RSC fits in her plans, goals for it
    2. Assessment plan – October, evaluation of Hub model; set up process
    3. Look at metrics we are collecting for Desk Tracker
    4. Work with reference folks on how to best use Desk Tracker data, examples of how to benefit from it
    5. Look at ways to make Desk Tracker form easier