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Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committe - Minutes - 07/30/2013

Reference Services Committee
323c Library

  1. Review Focus Group Summaries (David)
    1. Making more referrals a major common thread in discussions
    2. Referrals could happen sooner in the conversation – determine common types of topics to refer earlier? E.g. patents, standards, etc.
      1. Define patron type and question type – Graduate Student? Honor’s thesis?
      2. Lynne and Bill will come up with best practices bullet list to add to Referral guide and training for Hubs
    3. READ training –David will work with other Hubs and make sure everyone gets training
    4. Start collecting data on research guides and report out
      1. Include as part of reference snapshot
      2. Also Easy Search stats
    5. Desk Tracker categories – do at another Fall meeting
    6. Instructional videos – future meeting
  2. ARL Reference Statistics Discussion (Jen)
    1. Determining category for Reference/Info-Directional
    2. Decided to score everything without a Question Type of Direction/Hours or Tech Problems as reference