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Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committe - Minutes - 06/20/2013

Reference Services Committee
323c Library

  1. Discuss Focus groups (David)
    1. Reviewed notes from 6/19 (first focus group)
    2. Had 4 people; will want to market more for next two
    3. Some key topics of discussion were continuing education, which participants wanted more of, and figuring out the optimal number of hours to be doing reference (on the desk or otherwise) in order to stay up to speed
    4. Improving referrals was a significant concern, with one suggestion being improving patron access to setting up appointments with subject specialists
    5. Patron gets a copy to show that there email has been referred (when using the referral database)
    6. Don’t currently have accurate stats on referrals – working to improve design of database so we have more accurate stats moving forward
    7. Will summarize key issues that arise across all 3 sessions for the minutes in August, and form action items for RSC in Fall 2013 based on areas which seem appropriate
  2. Self-editing in Referral database (Nancy, Bill)
    1. Ability for units to edit their own entries and keep them up to date
    2. There is a need for authority control in possible subjects, to keep list manageable
    3. Could have a template set up for making edits – will investigate setting that up
    4. Discussed how to distinguish between subject areas where there are multiple people who have knowledge of the subject, and it is not clear who the primary person to contact is
    5. Can now connect relevant libguides to units in referral database
    6. Will see what else comes up about patron-initiated subject specialist consultations in other focus groups