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Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committe - Minutes - 05/14/2013

Reference Services Committee
323c Library

  1. Review Reference Statistical Snapshot (Lynne, Jen, Susan)
    1. Reviewed document on management questions and statistics/questions to ask
    2. Jen-Chien will update document to reflect additional feedback
  2. Plan and Schedule Focus Group Sessions (staff and users) (David)
    1. Look at Desk Tracker data to find common subjects asked, determine appropriate people to invite
    2. Add in a question about how Hub management structure has worked
    3. Come up with small assignment, have people write something down to keep discussion focused – send 5 or 6 questions first
    4. RSC will send invitation to targeted audience representing various subject areas and organizational structures (large and small units)
    5. Chatdesk list (CPS+SHELL+IAS), Engineering Hub, ACES Hub, Special Collections, A+H
    6. Sessions Dates:
      1. June 19th or 20th (David and Susan)
      2. July 9th or 10th (Lynne and Beth)
      3. July 16-18th (Nancy and Bill) Grainger Session?
    7. Digitizing Old Reference Works (David)
    8. Sue Searing would like to know if there is any interest in doing this with out-of-copyright works, or any particular titles/collections
    9. Committee deferred to RRSS – seems like more of a collection issue