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Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committe - Minutes - 04/16/2013

Reference Services Committee
323c Library

  1. Review Reference Statistical Snapshot (Lynne, Jen, Susan)
    1. Reviewed excel data of reference transactions over time
    2. Need to pull in more qualitative numbers like READ and time to make statistics more meaningful – will follow up on this
    3. Look at other building use stats – gate counts, wireless connections
    4. Search statistics – Easy Search searches by hour; search suggestions by hour
    5. Have final report by end of June meeting
    6. Add in separate chart on questions received in offices
    7. Devised a set of management topics for next month’s meeting – follow up management issues
  2. Review reference focus group questions (staff and users) (David)
    1. Ask Sue about best way to organize and run
    2. Do follow-up survey on webtools
    3. Talk to Beth about putting this in E*vents
    4. Moderator and note taker from RSC for each
    5. Set up 3 total sessions
    6. Target audience – individuals who work at a research service point answering reference questions.
    7. Fill out form indicating interest
    8. Complete by Summer Term I – do in May
    9. Send draft form by email – ask for name, where they provide reference, how often they provide reference in a typical week