Library Committee Handbook

Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committee




323c Library

Sue Searing

  1. Discussed plans for year for committee
  2. Need to get policies linked to main library policies page
  3. Discussed need to update patron confidentiality policy, and include information specific to reference transactions
  4. Policies needs to address what we retain as well as what we release
  5. Ongoing responsibility for accuracy and updating of webpages related to reference/common information (e.g. Find a Library pages)
  6. Discussed need to reduce duplication on website and investigate ways to increase usability to reduce common reference questions/make them easier to be answered through the website

Chat back-up plan (inter-hub referrals)

  1. Drawing on other Hubs for assistance
  2. When service is slammed, need to find ways to bring in other staffing to handle surge
  3. Suggested to send out libnews alert for back-up

Assessment planning for October meeting

  1. N/A