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Reference Services Committee




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      1. Assessment plan review with Assessment Coordinator (David and Jen)
        1. FY 12 stats – reference up 3% over FY 11; 110,000+ total transactions; about 2/3 from year-long Desk Tracker users
          1. Still need to get other 1/3 of units using Desk Tracker all year
        2. Desk Tracker report examples 
          1. Reviewed options on Desk Tracker reports
          2. Need to determine criteria for what “busy” is – number of transactions, READ, subject, etc.
        3. Reference Assessment document analysis
          1. The Hub layout is still new, so some of the user assessments will need to wait
          2. LibQual will not be done this Fall, which was to be the basis for some user satisfaction for reference; but LibQual doesn’t have a lot of reference-specific questions – would need to customize
          3. Possibly do some focus groups
          4. Should add data elements for each Assessment Target
          5. Look at Faculty survey coming out in Spring
          6. At November meeting will decide on assessment activities to undertake
          7. Susan will analyze baseline data from surveys
      2. Sweeps Week planning
        1. Using Desk Tracker for data collection