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Reference Services Committee




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  1. Fall 2012 Reference Statistics Review (Jen-Chien)
    1. Reviewed reports requested during November 2012 for reference stats
    2. Report is on G\ReferenceServicesCommittee\DeskTrackerReports
    3. Can run stats by vendor for electronic reference titles
      1. Includes most searched terms
    4. Need to analyze the data more for trends, including some data visualizations
    5. RSC needs to come up with a list of stats/charts by branch we’d like to publish to inform the library at large
      1. E.g. Hourly stats by branch, in a chart
      2. READ by month, by hour
  2. Plan staff and patron surveys for Spring 2013 (Jen-Chien and David)
    1. Tabled for February meeting
  3. Budget Group Request for Reference Training (David and Beth W)
    1. Need to get stats for request, finalize text by email