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 Assessment plan implementation – pick projects (David)

  1. Reviewed baseline data from past libquals
  2. Libqual surveys show patron requests for librarian consultation for your research
  3. Come up with baseline for amount of FTE to allocate for reference : At Hubs, also individual libraries (Archives, Art + Architecture, etc., Special Collections)
  4. Fall desk tracker stats to pull : Access through hubs vs individual librarians and smaller units
    1. Totals by mode – in person, chat, etc.
      1. Also embedded, etc.
    2. Look at READ for libraries that are using it – by library and mode;
    3. Year to year comparison for libraries that have used Desk Tracker both years (or comparable data)
    4. Look at daily and hourly data
    5. Subject by happening location
      1. Subjects vs FTE of subject specialist/support (“Robustness of expertise”)
    6. Referral stats – database and Desk Tracker
      1. How many, who being referred to
    7. Training needs
      1. Look at subjects in desk tracker, question types
      2. Survey
      3. Make recommendations for GA orientation, baseline skills
      4. Put a dollar amount on training for all GAs to advocate for mandatory orientation
    8. Click-throughs to chat by url – where are users coming from?
    9. Use of electronic reference resources – check with Jen, Robert, Wendy
    10. Easy Search suggestions – Bill
    11. Add success rate field to Desk Tracker?  Or use description field?