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  1. GA orientation – establish Reference curricula (David, Beth)
    After a very brief discussion regarding core reference training the group nominated Beth Woodard, David Ward, Pat Allen and Susan Braxton to serve on a sub-committee to determine the curriculum for reference training of graduate students.  Questions that might need to be answered include who is eligible to attend (grad hourlies, graduate assistants doing Hub reference, graduate assistants doing work on other services desks, etc.)?  In addition to training on the reference interview, what else will be included?
  2. Reference Statistics Planning – what questions do we want to answer?  What are hypothesis/assumptions? (David and Jen)

Jen-Chien showed the group further analysis of some of the reference statistics that had been gathered, particularly in RRSS, last year.  We discussed developing questions that provide information to help us:

We also discussed the desirability of receiving information related to:


Further down the road, we would like to develop impact studies which might take us beyond descriptive statistics into some qualitative inquiry.  We would also like to see what kind of relationship exists between reference services and the use of guides and other reference materials provided electronically.


3. Plan reference survey (staff and users)

We did not have time to discuss this and suggest it be placed on a future agenda.