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    1. Primo Implementation (Jenny and Michael)
      1. After Xmas Primo will be upgraded to version 4.1
      2. University of Birmingham, England is running this version right now
      3. EBSCO results will automatically be included in search results
      4. Scopus will be included
      5. Adds a browse feature (alphabetical list of controlled vocabulary – Voyager, plus maybe Primo central terms)
      6. Signing in (creating an account) will allow you to customize search to weight results based on your profile
      7. Voyager updates are getting added overnight
      8. Primo central results currently dominating results, do have some options to force display of local items on first page
      9. Usability testing is underway, 12 people scheduled this week and next
      10. Link on gateway will appear in January
      11. Unclear what specific reference questions Primo will be better for than Easy Search
        1. Will be better for IDEALS, UIUC-created content
        2. Primo group would like RSC to recommend going to Primo first for reference work
        3. Would be good for known item searching, saves some clicks from Easy Search
      12. Jenny will be Primo trainer for Hub training and GA Orientation in the Fall
      13. Primo Team will be ongoing group that will continue to provide support for staff training, FAQs, and user facing documentation
      14. Will promote to faculty in Spring – working on flyer
      15. Have recorded one of the staff training demos for future use
      16. Primo group would like input from RSC on use of Primo
      17. Need to find ways to encourage use of Primo – next step for RSC
      18. Maybe have Primo as part of annual retreat, or do a Reference Retreat in summer
      19. Add to spring agenda – develop best practices list for it
    2. Privacy Policy follow up (David)
      1. David will be on team Sue Searing is putting together to look at privacy policy covering all patron services
      2. Look at what Beth Sandore is involved in with security and sensitive data
      3. Assessment plan implementation (David)
        1. Meeting with Jen to review quantitative data
        2. At January meeting will begin discussion of patron and staff surveys