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Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committee




230b Library

  1. Finalize Reference Referral Document (David)
    • Made edits based on suggestions received
    • Final version will be sent by email for approval, then posted to site.
  2. Reference NSM desk implementation for hubs
    • Team – Pat, Bill, John, Nancy, David
    • Develop status report on how reference is being staffed at hubs, plus any future plans for each hub; including a timeline
    • Plan common Fall training – apply core competencies across GAs doing reference;
    • Also develop recommended list of additional training resources (e.g. WebJunction);
  3. Develop Reference Assessment Plan (for Reference and for NSM report)
    • Shouldn’t develop full plan without Assessment Coordinator
    • Will outline bullet points for an assessment plan – key areas/tools that the committee would like to see as part of an assessment plan; prioritize assessment projects for Reference
      • Adriana, Susan, Beth
      • Draft outline 2/16
      • NSM assessment will occur next year, once plan has been implemented more
      • WOREP request
  4. Not this committee, but maybe GSLIS?  Research Center?  Or ARL? Or RUSA? Or Library Research Center?
  5. UIUC Library may not be the best place to manage this, but we should help find a new home for it – a good service to the profession