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  1. Knowledge Tracker Software demo (Chatham)
    • N/A
  2. Reference NSM desk implementation for hubs subgroup report (David, Pat and Bill)
    • Reviewed LSD plan for Funk
    • LSD librarians are on call (at the desk/on site), either in building or virtually, during business hours
    • GAs for evenings/weekends
    • PSED – 9am-10pm at Grainger
    • Primarily done with grad assistants, also some staff with MLS degrees
    • Do a lot of referrals
    • PSED librarians will start doing some regular hours at Grainger each week (some are already doing this)
    • Lots of email reference questions
    • Both LSD and PSED have essentially implemented their staffing plans per the Reference NSM
    • Main/UGL Hub discussion will be next month
    • Need to look at total desired hours of service for each hub, allocate resources (GAs, etc.) appropriately
  3. Reference Assessment Plan Subgroup Report (Adriana, Susan, and Beth)