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Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committee




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  1. Review Charge and NSM Report (see
  2. Items from NSM group tasked to RSC (from timeline):
    1. Develop online database/website for Referral s (see attached)

                                                               i.      The referral list will be start with subject specialties only

                                                             ii.      We’ll look at ways to combine this with Tom Teper’s subject selectors list

                                                            iii.      Pat, David, Susan, and Bill will spec out a database structure and web interface for this and investigate how best to implement it

                                                           iv.      Deadline is November meeting

     3. Develop Referral policy (see attached)

                                                               i.      Pat, David, Susan, and Bill will draft a policy and procedures for referrals

                                                             ii.      Deadline is November meeting

     4. Establish Core Reference Training Program and Materials (see attached)

                                                               i.      The first part of the program will be training that is applicable to everyone who works reference

                                                             ii.      The second part of the program will develop a model for a subject specialty service point – what additional training is needed above the core to work that service point

                                                            iii.      Beth, Nancy, and Adriana will be on this group

                                                           iv.      Deadline is November meeting

      5. Develop signage

                                                               i.      This will be expanded into developing a reference marketing plan

                                                             ii.      Includes both signage in physical facilities, as well as online marketing for chat and subject specialty services

                                                            iii.      Work will begin in Spring 2012

      6. Develop Assessment plan for Reference in consultation with LAWG

                                                               i.      We will discuss at October meeting

                                                             ii.      A draft will be developed by Spring 2012 to work on with the new Assessment Coordinator

   7. Develop an assessment plan for the Reference NSM

                                                               i.      We will discuss in Spring 2012

   8. Other tasks for first year

    1. Set priorities and timeline
      1. Included above
      2. Also using timeline from Reference NSM Implementation Team report (modified due to late start time of committee)
      3. Discuss possible retreat/open session for Spring (Woodard)
        1. We will potentially do something on customer service, tied into the core competencies for customer service that we develop for this group