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    1. Reference NSM/RSC Assessment Plan – Finalize Draft (Susan et al)
      • Add cover page
      • Formats; applies to everyone doing reference
      • Add in metric for search suggestions from Easy Search
      • Also click-throughs on electronic reference sources
      • Add goals section – for NSM, testing viability, assessing any changes that might need to be made
      • For ongoing Reference assessment data – identify busy times and locations, when and where higher level questions are being asked (READ) to properly allocate subject specialty; get comparative data across Hubs and service points, including quantitative (subject, question type, READ level), and qualitative (satisfaction and other surveys)
      • A way to discover best practices across different venues – e.g. embedded, chat, etc.
      • Understand and Improve service quality
      • Inform training (subject areas)
      • Facilitate easier access to subject specialists (tracking referrals)
    2. Standardized Data for Desk Tracker implementations (David)
      • Keep subject; add Other
      • Keep Gov info, READ, Question Type, Patron Status, Your Status
      • Referral, Description
    3. Training Program (Beth W)