Library Committee Handbook

Reference Services Committee

Reference Services Committee


 As the primary group for deliberation on Library reference services policies, the Reference Services Committee shall advise the Associate University Librarian for Services.

  1. All issues pertaining to reference are considered by the committee. These include service standards, training, investigation and implementation of new technologies as well as emerging modes of reference (e.g., embedded reference); search systems (e.g., Easy Search, social networking); best practices for referrals; on-going reference professional development; and, library-wide assessment practices;
  2. The group will also collaborate with heads of all reference service points in order to disseminate ideas of RSC and adapt them to diverse user groups;
  3. Coordinate a common training, assessment, and skills program for core reference services that are shared across all reference service points. Training for reference in specific disciplines will also be handled by personnel at individual reference service points, for example the physical sciences at Grainger. The RSC will work with the Staff Development and Training Coordinator and the Library Assessment Working Group in these areas;
  4. Conduct assessment of the outcomes of the new reference service model and provide on-going assessment of trends in patrons’ reference needs.

Composition and Organization

Membership: 3 single representatives from each hub (Main/UGL/Virtual, ACES, Grainger); 1 Specialty Reference Services representative; 2 at-large members (selected to provide balanced representation from the hubs and specialty desks); 1 ex-officio member, the Staff Training and Development Librarian

Term of Office: Members will be appointed to serve for two-year staggered terms with possible reappointment for an additional term. No more than two members from any one hub will serve on the committee at the same time.

Meetings.:The Reference Services Committee shall meet monthly or at the call of the Associate University Librarian for Services.

Chair: The chair will be a rotating position, elected by the committee and serve a one-year term, with the possibility of reelection for two additional one-year terms. This person will automatically be placed as an ex officio member of the Services Advisory Committee.

Reporting: Minutes of the Reference Services Committee shall appear on the Library’s website or through other online distribution. The Committee shall communicate and consult at any time and in ways deemed appropriate.


Michelle Dewey (08/15/2016) At-Large
*Lynne Rudasill, chair (08/15/2016) At-Large
Erin Kerby (08/15/2015) ACES Hub
Megan Mahoney (08/2015/2016) Grainger Hub
David Ward (08/15/2015) Main/UGL/Virtual Hub
Cara Bertram (08/15/2015) Specialty Reference Services
Susan Braxton, ex officio