Library Committee Handbook

Excerpt from minutes of the Library Faculty Meeting

University of Illinois Library

July 20, 2011


3rd Floor Levis Faculty Center

Complete minutes of the Library Faculty Meeting July 20, 2011

Standing Items:

Adoption of the Agenda – David Ward

No quorum. So no formal adoption.

Executive Committee Discussion Items - David Ward (20 min)

Divisional Structure Discussion: Paula Carns and David Ward


EC is formulating a process for examining the existing divisional structure and making recommendations for potential improvements.  The main goal of the process is to investigate how recent retirements, planned hires, and other factors have impacted divisional membership, and find ways to best align current and future faculty to balance divisional memberships, reduce committee commitments where they are over-burdensome, and enhance support for the tenure process.  

EC is proposing a small task force that will work with the divisions, AC, EC, and the AULs to conduct a review this Fall, and bring recommendations to the Library faculty.  

Here is a link to the draft charge for the task force.

Discussion Questions:

 (Comments provided by Al Kagan, Sue Searing, Kirstin Dougan, Marek Sroka, Chatham Ewing, Scott Walter, Cindy Ingold)

1. Who should be on the task force?  

2. What is a reasonable timeline for the review process?

Paula Kaufman would like to see a report by December.

3. What are additional important issues for the group to consider in its review?