Library Committee Handbook

Open Forum Notes – Librarians in the Main and Undergraduate Libraries

Librarians in the Main and Undergraduate Libraries

Divisional Structure Task Force
University of Illinois Library

October 5, 2011

Library 428


Harriett Green
Jennifer Hain Teper
JoAnn Jacoby
Jenny Marie Johnson
Joanne Kaczmarek
Al Kagan
Betsy Kruger
Rudy Leon
Nancy O’Brien
Mary Mallory
Sarah Shreeves
Marek Sroka
Caroline Szylowicz
Cherié Weible

Members Present:

Lisa Hinchliffe (chair)
Bill Maher
Carissa Phillips

Also Attending:

Emma Clausen (Information Literacy GA)

1. Open Forum Introduction

Lisa reviewed the task force charge, University Statutes, and Library Bylaws documents. She also provided an overview of the previous structures of the Library (two departments and subject councils, etc.).

2. Discussion

i.) What has changed since the division structure was implemented in 1993? E.g., changes in technology and communication channels, changes in number and type of employees, etc.?

ii.) If we did not have a structure, what principles would be the foundation of an ideal structure? E.g., facilitates communication, minimizes hierarchy, etc.

iii.) What are the strengths of the current divisional structure?

iv.) What are the weaknesses of the current divisional structure?


v.) If you could create any system, what would you create?

3. Conclusion

In addition to open forums, we’re putting out a WebTools survey to allow people an opportunity to share ideas. It will be open-ended and won’t require answers to particular questions. The task force is more than willing to meet with any group outside of the open forum sessions.

The task force is committed to making this investigation as transparent as possible. If minutes do not clearly capture a conversation, we welcome your feedback for improving our communication with the Library.