Library Committee Handbook

December 2, 2011 Meeting

Divisional Structure Task Force
University of Illinois Library
December 2, 2011

Library 230b

Members Present:

Paula Carns
Tina Chrzastowski
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe - Chair
Carissa Phillips

Members Absent:

William Maher
Sheila McGowan

Also Attending:

Emma Clausen (Information Literacy GA)

1. Agenda Review

Lisa reviewed the agenda and asked committee members if there were any additional items to add. No additions were made.

2. Input Review

The committee discussed the meeting with the Associate University Librarians (AULs) and the University Librarian (UL) and the comments from online feedback survey.

3. Additional Meetings

The committee discussed the possibility of scheduling additional meetings to address concerns raised during the input process, inform recommendations in the draft report, and fully carry out its charge. Paula took responsibility for meeting with the Area Studies Division and Tina will gather input from the Physical Sciences and Engineering Division and the Life Sciences Division.

4. Report and Recommendations

The committee discussed plans for how to outline the draft report. The committee noted that at this time it is most important to acknowledge that opinions and perspectives may evolve over time and it is essential to understand the capacity the Library has to absorb change. The committee will focus on highlighting issues that were raised during the input process and formalizing divisional and unit responsibilities, communication procedures, and guidelines for faculty governance.

Respectfully submitted,

Emma Clausen and Lisa Hinchliffe