Library Committee Handbook

September26, 2011 Meeting


Divisional Structure Task Force
University of Illinois Library

September 26, 2011

Library 230b

Members Present:

Paula Carns
Tina Chrzastowski
Lisa Hinchliffe, Chair
Sheila McGowan
Carissa Phillips

Members Absent:

Bill Maher

Also Attending:

Emma Clausen (Information Literacy GA)

1. Agenda Review

The committee reviewed the agenda and noted that items not addressed during this meeting will be deferred until the next meeting.

2. Approve Minutes

The committee approved the September 15, 2011 meeting minutes. The minutes will be made available on the task force web page.

3. Preparation for Open Forum Sessions

The committee discussed the overall structure of open forum sessions and identified preparatory tasks to complete before the sessions begin.

a. Overall Structure

The committee discussed various approaches to best facilitate the 90-minute open forum sessions. The committee noted the importance of creating a congenial environment that encourages an open discussion during which all ideas are welcome. The overall structure of each session will include an introduction, during which committee members will review the charge and timeline, an overview of previous organizational structures, and five prompting questions to guide discussion. Handouts will also be provided to further contextualize the items in the charge related to the University Statutes and the current organizational structure.

b. Prompting Questions

The committee discussed framing the open forum sessions around five questions that will facilitate conversation and allow all attendees to participate. The resulting discussions will allow the committee to evaluate the current structure as well as alternatives relative to a set of principles shaped by participants.

c. Handouts

The committee discussed handouts that will inform the open forum sessions. There will be handouts available at each session that highlight key elements of the University Statutes and describe the current divisional structure in the Library.

d. Logistical Open Forum Items

The committee discussed logistical items that will be necessary at each open forum session.

e. Committee member representation at open forums

Open forum sessions will be led by two committee members. The following tentative session assignments were discussed at the meeting:

4. Benchmarking Research

The committee reviewed progress made on the review of the structure of CIC libraries and those at other institutions.

5. Documents Reviews

The committee reviewed the status of documents that the task force needs to carry out its charge.

6. Action Items

The following action items emerged from the meeting’s discussions:

Respectfully submitted,

Emma Clausen and Lisa Hinchliffe