Library Committee Handbook

January 12, 2012 Meeting

Divisional Structure Task Force
University of Illinois Library

January 12, 2012

Library 230b

Members Present:

Paula Carns
Tina Chrzastowski
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe - Chair
William Maher
Sheila McGowan
Carissa Phillips

Also Attending:

Emma Clausen (Information Literacy GA)

1. Agenda Review

Lisa reviewed the agenda and asked committee members if there were any additional items to add. The committee added an item to approve the minutes from the December 2, 2011 meeting and an item to collectively review the open forum sessions and group meetings.

2. Approve Minutes

The committee approved December 2, 2011 meeting minutes. These minutes will be made live on the Divisional Structure Task Force (DSTF) website.

3. Review Open Forums and Group Meetings

The committee discussed the outcomes of the open forum sessions and the requested group meeting for the purposes of outlining the draft report and ensuring that the task force will address all areas of the charge during the final reporting processes.

The committee discussed the Administrative Council (AC) and its viability and the function of the Budget Group, including budgetary deliberations surrounding student wages and graduate assistant appointments, Library-wide communication, and whether the group devotes ongoing attention to issues in a systematic way with regard to scheduling and meeting times. As noted previously by the committee, the Budget Group is not in the Library Bylaws. The committee also noted a possible administrative desire to keep budgetary decision making duties within a smaller group.

The committee revisited previous divisional models of the Library and discussed dynamics between the University Librarian, Associate University Librarians, and Library faculty and staff, including administrative channels of communication and reporting duties relative to Unit structure. The committee discussed circumstances surrounding the revision of the Library Bylaws in the past. The committee also discussed the reporting role of the division coordinator and how the culture of the Library may or may not reinforce administrative reporting roles.

4. Report and Recommendations

Outline - The committee discussed an envisioned outline for the draft report including one area called “Findings” and another area called “Recommendations.” At this point in the conversation, the committee also reviewed the charge to ensure that the final report includes all of the required topics.

“Findings” - The committee noted that the “Findings” area of the report will not encompass all of the information collected but the repeated themes and salient ideas noted and discussed during the investigation. The committee also plans to include a section within the findings that outlines the alternative structures considered or examined during the input process.

The committee also discussed other items to address in the “Findings” area, including communication, differences among divisions with regard to function and support for promotion and tenure processes, affinity groups among divisions, the actual number of Units within the Library, and the perceived function of AC relative to the Library Bylaws and the role of the Budget Group.

“Recommendations” - The committee briefly discussed the how to frame the recommendations and some of the items to address, including expectations for divisions with regard to communication and the division coordinator role and the future role of the Budget Group and the function of AC.

The committee also discussed more tenable reporting duties for division coordinators and a possible recommendation of including a rotation assignment among the division coordinators for taking minutes and reporting from the AC meetings to ensure more consistent and timely communication with others in the Library.

Dissemination and Feedback Processes - The committee discussed the possibility of planning for a week time period in late January or early February during which feedback on the draft report could be collected. The committee will address these processes more in depth at the next meeting.

5. Announcements/Closing Comments

Lisa invited committee members to review the minutes, open forum notes, and notes from the group meetings before the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Emma Clausen and Lisa Hinchliffe