Library Committee Handbook

Accessibility Advisory Group


The Library Accessibility Advisory Group provides advice on universal accessibility and the design of services and spaces that are welcoming to users with disabilities in the University Library.  The Group should provide broad, diverse, and innovative viewpoints on current issues as well as future directions.


Members are appointed by the AUL for User Services to bring diverse perspectives from across the campus community and will include at least one member from Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES). The AUL for User Services and the Applied Health Science Librarian are ex officio members.



Mylinda Granger, Disability Resources & Educational Services

Julie Hengst, Speech & Hearing Science

JoAnn Jacoby, University Library, ex officio

JJ Pionke, University Library, ex officio

Patricia Barrett Malik, Disability Resources & Educational Services

Deana C. McDonagh, Industrial Design, Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, Designer Entrepreneur-in-Residence for EnterpriseWorks

Joe Minarik, Inclusion & Intercultural Relations and Social Work