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Library APIs and Developer Sites


Available Library Study Rooms

Parameters: month, day, hour

Extensible Catalog

Get Bib Record Web Service

Other APIs and Developer Sites

Engineering Lab Computer Availability (EWs Labs)

Facebook Developers

goodreads API - API Key required

Google Books API

Google Maps API

HathiTrust Data API 

HathiTrust Data API documentation:

MTD Developer Resources - API Key required

Open Library RESTful API

The New York Times Developer Network - API Keys required

API Documentation and tools.  Registration is require to receive API keys.  There are several APIs (Best Sellers, Real Estate, Congress, etc.) and each requires its own key.  Step one: go to the overview page and register (upper right corner), Step two: go to the Keys page and request the keys you want.

Twitter Developers

WorldCat Search API

Other Resources

Do you have Apache and PHP enabled on your laptop?  OSX 10.8 users might find this link helpful:

Do you have your favorite text editor installed on your laptop?   If not, lots of people like Sublime Text, check it out at