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Advertising, Advertisements, Advertisers, Advergames, Product Placement, Ad Creep, Sponsorship Promotion, Brands

Media, Mass Media, Audience, Consumers, Target Audience

Society, United States, First Amendment, Regulation, Social Responsibility

Harmful, Benefits, Effects, Offensive, Shockvertising

Children, Advertising to Children

Political Advertising, Political Advertisements

Tobacco, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drinking, Drugs, Controlled Substances, Prescription Medication, Pharmaceutical Companies, Sex, Sex in Advertising, Healthy Products, Unhealthy Products

Stereotypes, Stereotypes in Advertising, Stereotypes in Mass Media

Direct to Consumer Advertising

Social Media, Facebook

Captive Spaces

Creative Strategy, Business Strategy


  • Online Catalog (books at UIUC and I-Share)
  • Battleground: The Media (Call#: 302.23 B322 Communications Library Reference Collection)


Trade Pubs on Advertising and PR

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