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Advertising Resources

Company/Product Information: (sources available via the Library website)


  • Identifies articles on business, finance, and management topics from regional, U.S. and international publications.

Advertising Age

  • Includes information specific to the advertising industry.

  • Provides the most recent news stories (including business) and statistics on companies, products, consumers, trends, etc.


  • Includes annual reports and sales info on companies.
  • Includes demographic (U.S. as well as international) information on consumers and products.


  • Includes information on companies and products. Provides descriptions of companies and industries, news stories, significant developments, competitors reports, strengths and weaknesses, and peer analysis.

Wall Street Journal

  • Provides the most recent business news and information on companies, products, consumers, trends, etc.

Online Style Guides

APA, Chicago , & MLA

  • Find information and links to the most common citation styles and guidelines for using these

Note: How to cite MRI/Mediamark Report:

GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence. (2009, Fall Product Report).

          Fast food & drive-in restaurants bought at last 6 months total.

          Base: Adults. Retrieved from MRI Mediamark Reporter database.

10 Step How-To for Searching Online Databases

Consumer Information

MRI / Mediamark (available online)

  • Includes demographic and marketing data on consumers, products, and media.

How to Read a Mediamark Report

MRI Data Methodology FAQ

Mintel (available online)

  • Includes demographic (U.S. as well as international) information on consumers and products

New Strategist Books (available on the Advertising Bookcase)

  • The Communications Library has a collection of over 50 books focusing on specific demographic groups (ethnicity, age, gender) and their interests, income, spending patterns, education levels, etc.

PRIZM (available online)

  • Helps you evaluate market segments

SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst (available online, requires Internet Explorer)

  • Breaks down the American population geographically and demographically and includes extensive lifestyle information on the interests, hobbies, and activities popular in each geographic and demographic market.

VALS (available online)

  • VALS consulting provides clients with tailored marketing strategies for targeting, positioning, and communications—real-world, real-time, actionable strategies. VALS assists marketers and advertisers gain a fresh perspective by getting "into the heads" of customers; create consumer profiles or personas; and understand the distinct communications styles of targets.

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