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How do I listen to the international satellite TV news in the Communications Library?

It's simple! You only need to . .  .

1. Visit the Communications Library (122 Gregory Hall)

2. Have a device with FM radio

                 5th or 6th generation ipod

                 Personal FM radio (similar to a Walkman) with headphones - We have LOANABLE devices!

                 Cell phone with FM radio. Here's a list of phones with FM:


                 An iphone with an FM radio accessory (here's a description:


3. Tune your radio to one of the following FM channels:

106.1        EuroNews (Europe) : a.m. / Al Jazeera : p.m.

89.3          CCTV (China)

102.9        France 24 : a.m. / RAI News : p.m. (Europe)

94.1          TVN24 (Poland)

93.1          NDTV (India)

101.5        Telefórmula (Mexico)

You will be able to listen to any of these channels from anywhere in the Communications Library

International Satellite TV News Lounge