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Library Systems Office Citrix FAQ's



What is Citrix and how does it work?

Citrix is a software package running on a Library server which allows resources traditionally confined to CD-Rom (Such as Encyclopedia Judaica or Index Islamicus) to be accessed over the Internet. When you search the electronic resources ( and return a resource whose extension is "(via Citrix)" you will need to use Citrix in order to access the resource. When you click one of these "(via Citrix)" links, your IP address will be verified to make sure you are part of the UIUC network. If successful, you will be given the option to continue on to the resource or to download the Citrix client (see more on installing the Citrix client). Continuing to the resource will execute the Citrix client and automatically open the corresponding resource. For more information go to the Citrix Support and Download page for Windows or the Citrix Support and Download page for Macintosh.

How does one print from Citrix?

Regardless of your machine type (Windows,Macintosh, Linux, etc.), the Library Citrix server is set to print to the printer designated as "Default" on your machine. Clicking the print icon (in applications where applicable) will send the print to your printer automatically. No other printers can be used for printing purposes and no other printers will be accessible from the application.

How does one save files in Citrix?

Different applications save by default to different locations(i.e. Temp directory, Desktop, etc.). If your client is properly configured, you can save to any drive on your local machine. You can always override the defaults and choose best destination for your save (i.e. local hard drive or floppy/Zip drive). Windows users should be aware that your C:\ drive will show up in Explorer as V:\C$ on client. In fact all drives on your computer will begin with a similar notation depending on the actual drive letter. You should browse to an appropriate save location and make certain you are aware of the exact save destination before you commit to the save.

fig. 1

image of drive shares

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How long can I stay connected to a resource?

Citrix will disconnect you automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. The resource itself may have default settings but Citrix will require you to reconnect if it is idle for ten minutes.

Is the Citrix software a "plug-in"?

No. Browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer usually offer two options for handling downloads that they themselves can't run - either via a "plug-in" or an "application". The Citrix software behaves very much like an application.

What does it mean when I receive this Connection Error:


Resource in use connection error

CD-ROM resources usually have limits regarding the number of concurrent users who can access the CD-ROM . If the number of users has been exceeded, you will receive the above connection error. You should exit your window and attempt to re-connect at a later time when the current users have exited the resource. As indicated above, Citrix is set to disconnect idle applications after only 10 minutes.


What CD-ROM resources are available via the Citrix software?

A list of Citrix titles can be found by entering "Citrix" into the "Title" field of the Electronic Resources Search Page (

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I installed the ICA client but I can't open the file, what gives?

When you first attempt to access a Citrix resource after completing the installation process, you may be asked to "open" or "save" the file rather than having the Citrix connection open automatically. If you chose to "open" you will again be prompted to either "open" or "save" the file. This occurs because the browser does not have the appropriate file associations and has been known to occur with Internet Explorer 5.5, specifically.

If this happens, you should do the following:
1.Choose to "save" the file somewhere locally (preferably the "desktop").
2. You should then change the file associations by RIGHT CLICKING the file and (depending on your OS) choosing the "Open With" option (for XP and W2K users, 95,98 and NT user will need to hold the shift key when they RIGHT CLICK to get the "open with" option) and then "Choose Program".
3. Choose "ICA Client engine" from the list. Make sure to check the box "Always use the selected program to view this type of file".
4. Click "OK".

Once you have done this, all attempts to connect to a Citrix resource should automatically launch the ICA client.

I keep getting an "ICA File Not Found" error.

You may receive "ICA file not found" error when trying to access a Citrix resource with a Web browser. If you receive this message, you should:

1. Clear out the browser cache:
Internet Explorer Users: Select Tools > Internet Options > General > Delete Files, check delete all offline content and click OK.
Netscape Users: Go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Cache and click Clear Disk Cache.
2. Uninstall the ICA client and then reinstall it.
3. Confirm you are using a supported Web browser.

What does it mean when a resource requires a specific video resolution? How do I change my resolution?

Some CD resources require specific video/monitor resolution to view properly. You may need to alter your machine's video resolution before you can access a given title. To change or check your video resolution from a Windows machine do the following:

1. Right click your desktop and choose "Properties".
2. Choose the "Settings" tab.
3. Adjust the "Screen Resolution" to the appropriate setting. Click "OK".

NOTE: You should make certain that the resource required resolution is appropriate for your machine and/or video card BEFORE you commit the changes. Changing to an unacceptable resolution can cause your machine's display to fail.

I am using a MAC and keep getting an error that the "connection to the server is broken".

This is due to improper configuration of your ICA Client and/or browser. Please visit the Downloading and installing the Citrix software for Macintosh page for detailed instruction on resolving this issue.


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