2012 Chemistry Library Survey


The purpose of the Chemistry Library survey is to determine why our patrons choose to come to the Chemistry Library and how they use the library. The survey asks patrons to indicate what they like about the library and what changes or improvements they would like to see.

The Chemistry Library first administered the survey in March 2011. The 2012 survey occurred the week of March 5-9. The survey received 365 responses, up from the previous year's 312.

From this page, you can navigate to the 2011 survey results. You can also see the full tally of 2012 survey results, and all suggestions from the 2012 survey.


Survey respondents were mostly undergraduate students and some graduate students. While departments from colleges across campus were represented, most patrons are unsurprisingly from the School of Chemical Sciences (SCS). However, one change from 2011 is a slight drop in the overall proportion of patrons from SCS departments, with a corresponding rise in the proportion of patrons from the Life Sciences and Engineering. It is likely that the rise in Life Sciences patrons is a result of the closing of the Biology Library in the summer of 2011.

Patrons by Academic Department

The survey also showed a slight evening in the gender of patrons visiting the library: 55% of patrons were male versus 45% female in 2012, whereas in 2011 the split was 58/42.


The survey responses generally mirrored the previous year's responses. Patrons liked different areas of the library about equally, most came to do homework or do other class work, and most came because it was convenient and close to their classes.

What are you doing in the library today?

Library Activity

Why did you choose the Chemistry Library?

Reason for Coming

See the results page for all questions and a tally of their responses. Suggestions also echoed the previous year's results, with requests for more computers or laptops for check-out, longer hours, and more small study rooms. Still, many people said they wouldn't change anything and that the library was just as they would want it. See all the suggestions for changes and improvements.

Chemistry Library Response

The survey responses are useful in current considerations of how to make better use of library space. Among other possibilities, the library is considering how to include more small study rooms, upgrade its current group study room, and continue with the planned change in the height of computer terminals.