2011 Chemistry Library Survey


The purpose of the Chemistry Library survey in March 2011 was to determine why our patrons choose to come to the Chemistry Library and how they use the library. The survey asked patrons to indicate what they like about the library and what changes or improvements they would like to see.

What are you doing in the library today?

Library activity

There were approximately 1,900 visitors to the Chemistry Library for this week in March, with an average hourly head count of 27 people. Survey results showed that many of those were daily visitors, and visitors were asked to fill out only one survey. We are very pleased with the 312 responses received. Thank you to all who participated in this survey!


The survey responses generally showed that patrons like the Chemistry Library space and convenient location and come to the library to do homework or prepare for class. All areas of the library are appreciated

My favorite part(s) of the Chemistry Library is(are) the

Favorite part of library

The library is primarily used by students from the School of Chemical Sciences, but others from all parts of campus use the space.

My home department is

Home department

See the results page for more responses. The most often suggested changes or improvements were more computers and longer hours! Some complained about the height and comfort of the computer chairs. Many people also asked for more small study rooms. See all the suggestions for changes and improvements.

Chemistry Library Response

The survey responses were a welcome addition to planning considerations for both short and long-term improvements to the library. Copier use is minimal, especially with the new scanner in the library, and planning is under way to create another small study space that can also be used by students and the School of Chemical Sciences for web conferencing and collaboration. In the longer term, the computer space and use will be monitored and changes to the chairs, space, and number of computers will be considered for the future.