Statistics compiled at the Chemistry Library are divided into four categories:

Body Count

These statistics include the number of people in the library during a given hour (Body Count), the total number of people in the library by month, and total number of people by semester.


These statistics include the number of directional and reference questions asked each year, the number of items shelved each day, and use of the conference room.

Patron Surveys 2011-2012

In March 2011 and 2012, the Chemistry Library completed surveys of patrons asking about their use of the library.

Journal Use

The American Chemical Society statistics show use from 2003-Present of online journals published by the American Chemical Society.


We have compiled statistics for the use of SciFinder Scholar in the Chemistry Library for the years 1998-Present.

For statistics on Beilstein usage from 1996-Present, please visit the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library's website.