Environment and Safety

  • Handbook of Environmental ChemistryHandbook of Environmental Chemistry UIUC
    Subjects are divided into five volumes: The Natural Environment and the Biogeochemical Cycles; Reactions and Processes; Anthropogenic Compounds; Air Pollution; and Water Pollution
  • Envirofacts Master Chemical Integrator (US EPA)
    EMCI contains chemical data from several databases: the Aerometric Information Retrieval System, the Permit Compliance System, and the Toxics Release Inventory System.
  • Green Chemistry (ACS)
    Guided by 12 principles. Includes introduction to the topic, real-world cases, reference materials, and links to additional resources. May also explore the Green Chemistry Institute for information on research, education, industrial implementation, international cooperation, conferences and events, awards, news, and resources.
  • EPA Envirofacts Master Chemical IntegratorGreen Chemistry (US EPA)
    Includes basic information, EPA projects and programs, grants and fellowships, international activities, and tools and literature. Under the last section, "the Green Chemistry Expert System (GCES) allows users to build a green chemical process, design a green chemical, or survey the field of green chemistry."
  • Green Chemistry Network (RSC)
    Primary purpose to promote awareness and encourage education. Includes sections on education, current issues, events, industry, awards, publications, discussion, and additional links. Also has a search feature.
  • Water Resources Abstracts (1967-present) UIUC
    Contains information from the world's technical and scientific literature on any issues related to water resources, including "characteristics, conservation, control, pollution, treatment, use and management."
  • International Chemical Safety Cards (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
    Two-page summaries of basic hazard information for 675 of the most common chemicals in international commerce.
  • International Chemical Safety Cards (International Labour Organization)
    Provides essential safety information on chemicals used in factories, laboratories, agriculture, and other work places.
  • NTP Chemical Health and Safety Data
    The National Toxicology Program is part of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) division of the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • MSDS-Search
    A Web Guide to Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Where to Find MSDS
    A Web Guide to interactive learning paradigms.
  • Chemical Effects in Biological SystemsCEBS, Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (NIEHS)
    CEBS supports the NEIHS mission to The mission of NIEHS is to reduce the burden of environmentally associated disease and dysfunction by defining how environmental exposures affect our health, how individuals differ in their susceptibility to these exposures, and how these susceptibilities change over time.
  • NEMINEMI, National Environmental Methods Index
    NEMI provides descriptions of methods of analysis, including chemical, microbiological, biological, toxicity, physical, and regulatory methods. Search results for methods for a particular analyte include approximate cost data for the particular method.