Bulk Chemical Pricing

  • Alfa Aesar
    For laboratory-grade chemicals: Specialty and bulk, high purity inorganics, precious metal compounds, rare earths, organics and organometallics, high purity metals and materials, etc.
  • Chemical Engineering (New York)
    The link will let you choose an interface--the most useful will be the ProQuest New Platform. Search keywords or chemical name. “Each month CE updates various cost indexes vital for estimation purposes: Marshall & Swift, CE Plant Cost Index, Vatavuk Air Pollution Control Cost Index.” Search the name of the cost index in the search box, or just search “cost index.”
  • R&D ChemicalsR&D Chemicals
    A meta-directory of chemicals from various suppliers.

  • ICISOlder (August 2006, with some updates since then) chemical pricing data is available from ICIS (formerly Chemical Marketing Reporter).
  • Another acceptable method is to take chemical pricing for smaller (non-bulk) weights and use multipliers to estimate bulk prices. Pricing at smaller quantities can be found, for example, in the Sigma-Aldrich Catalog, Fisher Scientific catalog, and via eMolecules.

Industrial Manufacturers for Chemicals and Production Rates

  • Chemical Directory
    Records contain catalog information from selected suppliers.
  • Chemical Engineering Buyers' Guide
    Browse by type of service/product, and search by supplier, product, tradenames, etc. Registration required.
    An international "yellow pages" site listing thousands of chemical products and producers.
  • Chemical Week Buyers' Guide
    Browse by type of service/product, and search by supplier, product, tradenames, etc.
  • eMoleculeseMolecules
    An open-access chemistry search engine. Search for chemical structures and names and find links to suppliers and other information in public databases.
  • Fisher Scientific
    Many product lines, including Acros Organics.
  • OPD Chemical Buyers Directory
    Searchable database of chemical products and suppliers, from Chemical Market Reporter.
  • Sigma-Aldrich Catalog
    Searchable product catalog from a major research chemical supplier. Registration is required to view some information.

Chemical Analysis

  • NEMINEMI, National Environmental Methods Index
    NEMI provides descriptions of methods of analysis, including chemical, microbiological, biological, toxicity, physical, and regulatory methods. Search results for methods for a particular analyte include approximate cost data for the particular method.

For more Chemical Cost Data information, see the UT-Austin Chemistry Library's pages Chemical Engineering Economics and Chemical Suppliers and Catalogs.