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Minimum Recommended Metadata Fields for CONTENTdm

Metadata for CONTENTdm

CONTENTdm allows users to choose any metadata schemes and field names that are appropriate for their collections. However, these metadata are exported in Dublin Core format to service providers. In order to create interoperable metadata, we suggest that collection coordinators use the Minimum Recommended Metadata fields, listed below, for all CONTENTdm collections. These metadata fields are recommended, primarily, for mapping as well as browse page display purposes (title, subject, and description are displayed as a default on the CONTENTdm collection browse page, along with image thumb nails). Collection coordinators can use descriptive field names mapped to the Dublin Core elements to produce sharable metadata for their CONTENTdm collections.

Minimum Recommended Metadata Fields

To facilitate sharable metadata, we recommend the following metadata fields as a minimum set for each collection:

Metadata Field



Title of the resource. (required by CONTENTdm)


Any descriptive information about the resource that does not meet the criteria of another recommended metadata field.


The nature or genre of the resource (usually used in coordination with controlled vocabulary). (defined by Dublin Core)


The file format, physical medium, or dimensions of the resource. (defined by Dublin Core)


Subject can be many different things depending on the resource, for example: descriptors, place, time period, or person. If applicable, use this field for more effective searching within the CONTENTdm collections.


Name of the department library the collection was created by.


Title of the collection. (should map to dcterms:IsPartOf)


File name of the resource, should be the same as object file name. (Should map to "None" rather than dc:identifier)


Created by mj 09/18/2008

Edited by Tricia Lampron 10/29/2013