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Metadata standards

Metadata standards should be selected based on the resources included in the digital collection. This document describes the metadata standards that are used in library, museum, and archives domains.

Controlled Vocabulary

Controlled vocabulary has an important role in search and browsing functions. Using controlled vocabulary is strongly recommended when the field information will be used in searching and browsing. Controlled vocabulary can be locally created, but should be managed and used in consistent way...

Best practices for descriptive metadata

A wide variety of descriptive metadata schemas currently exist, but as of yet no single metadata schema has been accepted as the ‘best metadata standard’ for every project. In any case, deciding which metadata schema to use should be determined before materials are digitized. This document was created to provide project coordinators with a set of guidelines “for creating rich and sharable metadata, which can be useful to metadata aggregators and end users”.


How to use

Minimum Recommended Metadata Fields

How to work with compound objects

Helpful tools




Metadata Projects