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Lincoln Classification

973.7L63 is to be used as the first line of the call number for all works by and about Lincoln.

Works About Lincoln

The appropriate letters and numbers below are to begin the second line of the call number, these to be followed by the usual Cutter numbers, taken from the authors of the works, and the work marks, taken from the titles.

A Bibliography.  (Use V for bibliography of a particular work, e.g., Emancipation proclamation:   M1863e Va)
A2 Dealers' catalogs, sale catalogs
A3 Collections and collectors
B Biography of Lincoln.  Comprehensive works (including campaign biographies, 1860, 1864),  Lincoln as President. (Political history of the country, 1861-1865: 973.7) 
B2 Anecdotes relating to Lincoln.  Personal reminiscences of contemporaries (not including formal biographies)
B3 Special biographical aspects: Character, kindness, finances, medicine, etc.
B4 Religion
B5 Literary art
B6 Lincoln as a lawyer.  (Lincoln as a statesman: B)
B7 Attitude toward slavery, temperance, etc.
B8 Relations with special classes and groups: Jews, private soldiers, etc.

By period:

C Early life to 1861.  (Campaign biographies: B)
C2 Antecedents. Family and parents. Life in Kentucky and Indiana. (To 1830) Mary Lincoln and children (except Robert Todd)
C3 First years in Illinois. Black Hawk War. Illinois Legislature. Professional career. (1830-1846)
C4 In national politics. Congressional service. Lincoln-Douglas debates. In the campaign of 1860. Journey to Washington. (1846-1861)


B or 973.71 (Civil War--Political and economic history)

D Assassination. The conspirators (Booth, Surratt, etc.) Their trials.
D2 Death of Lincoln. Funeral journey to Springfield. Burial. Memorial services throughout the country and abroad.  (Use subject heading, Funeral and memorial services, rather than Addresses - as LC does)  Guard of honor. Tomb.
E Monuments. Statues, Life and death masks. Portraits. Local monuments and statues.  (Lincoln tomb, Springfield, 111.: D2) New Salem, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., etc.
E3 Photographs. Photos of portraits. Iconography.
E4 Cartoons. Caricatures. Satirical and comic works.
E5 Lincoln relics. Museums. Exhibitions.
E6 Homes and haunts of Lincoln (General)  (e.g. buildings where he stayed briefly)
F Celebrations. Anniversaries. Memorials (since 1865 only; funeral and memorial services in D2); Lincoln day; centennials
G Addresses. Sermons. Lectures. Essays.  (Those delivered since his assassination)
H Poetry. Drama. Fiction.
H2 Poetry
H3 Drama
H4 Fiction (for all members of Lincoln family)
H5 Music
H6 Serials that do not classify elsewhere in this scheme. Use regular serial book number.

Writings of Lincoln

For book number, follow the Milton scheme for "Arrangement of works".

J Collected works (by date)

Selected works. Partial editions (by date)

Note: The date of original publication is followed by a work mark taken from the first letter of the title. Later editions are to be designated by the date of printing as the third line of the call number, e.g.,  a 1952 reprint of the Emancipation proclamation:

M State papers (by date)
N Addresses, lectures, etc.  (by date)  (Lincoln-Douglas debate: C4)

Letters. Special collections of letters (by date)

Single letters (Use work nark, after P, from the first letter of the title)

Q Miscellaneous
R Stories, anecdotes, axioms, brief extracts, etc. attributed to Lincoln (alphabetically by editor or title)