Placing Physical Materials on Reserve - Borrowing

Submit a Request

You can submit reserve requests at any time for current or future semesters. We recommend submitting requests well in advance of the beginning of the semester.

Follow the steps below to submit a reserve request to the Main Library, Undergraduate Library, Funk ACES Library, or the Grainger Engineering Library. To request a reserve at a different library, please contact that library directly.

  1. Request reserves using the web form. There is also a version of this form you can print out and give to staff at the reserve location or send through campus mail.
  2. List the exact title, author/director, year, and call number of each item. If you have already checked out the item, please return it with the request form.
  3. If you have any special instructions please make a note on the form.

You will receive an email after you submit your request and another once the item(s) are on reserve.


If you want to reserve a DVD or other media item to show in class, contact the Undergraduate Library about advanced booking.

Personal Copies

You are welcome to submit personal or departmental copies of books, DVDs, etc., for reserves. Bring the item and the printed form to the library. Please note that we place call number labels and magnetic security strips on all items.

Personal copies will be returned to your departmental office via campus mail shortly after the semester ends. To retrieve them before the end of the semester, submit the Taking Personal Copies Off Reserve form.

Request a Purchase

If you submit a reserve request for a book the Library doesn’t own, we will attempt to purchase it. Please be sure your information is as complete as possible when requesting a purchase; complete information is especially important for new purchases. To request media purchases, submit the Video Purchase Request Web Form and fill out the “Course Information” section at the bottom of the form.

Keep in mind that it can take weeks or months for purchased materials to arrive and be processed.

End of the Semester

At the end of the semester all materials are taken off reserve unless you submit a request to carry them over to the next semester.

Problems or Questions?

Contacts for help with physical reserves:

For information about reserving online materials, please see the Electronic Reserves Guide.