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August 13, 2007

Academic Advising @ Your Library

As part of the Learning Commons initiative, Meg Burger (Undergraduate Library) and Chris Armstrong [Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services and incoming Chair of the Academic Advisors Group at the University of Illinois (ILLiAAC)] have been working together to build a formal connection between the Library and campus academic advisors. While we have long worked with UIUC faculty to provide services for students, this new relationship brings an opportunity to connect with a group of professionals on campus who have had no formal liaison to the Library, but who provide essential academic services to undergraduate students.

Over the past year, an advisor from the Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services has held advising hours in the Undergraduate Library. In its first year, we have seen 7-10 students take advantage of each 2-hour advising window in the Undergraduate Library (with an average interaction time of 10 minutes per student).

In addition to providing an opportunity for advisors to meet with student in the Library, we have provided professional support to academic advisors across campus. UGL librarians have developed two regular resources for academic advisors and their advisees:

*a newsletter aimed at advisors that highlights professional development resources available to them through the University Library; and

*a newsletter aimed at students that highlights key library resources and services for undergraduates and is delivered directly to over 3,500 students each month through an academic advising electronic discussion list.

Learning takes place across campus at the University of Illinois, and partnerships such as these allow the University Library to join its colleagues in providing direct support for student success.

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