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October 22, 2009

Scholarly Communication and Open Access Week @ the University Library

The Library is pleased to offer a range of lectures and workshops on scholarly communication, open access, and copyright the week of October 26-30.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lecture: Who Owns Your Scholarship: Copyright, Publication Agreements, and Good Practice
Kenneth Crews
Director, Copyright Advisory Office
Columbia University

Please join the University Library and the Graduate College for the CAS MillerComm lecture by Kenneth Crews, Director of the Copyright Office of Columbia University, on "Who Owns Your Scholarship: Copyright, Publication Agreements, and Good Practice". Issues related to copyright span the range of activities at the university from the creation of new scholarly works to the use of others' works in the classroom and research. Copyright can be a baffling process today, and Professor Crews will help faculty and students better understand and manage their rights as authors while increasing the impact of their works by providing the greatest possible visibility and access.

Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 4:00pm
Alice Campbell Alumni Center
601 S. Lincoln Ave

Sponsored in conjunction with the College of Law, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Office of Technology Management, Office of the Vice President for Technology and Economic Development


Workshops on Copyright and Open Access Offered by the Library

All workshops will be held in Main Library, room 314.

Workshops are co-sponsored by the Graduate College and organized by the Library's Scholarly Communications Committee. Many thanks to Sarah Shreeves and Janice Pilch.


Workshop: Understanding Open Access
Are you wondering what the fuss is about open access? The movement for open access to publications - that is, publications that are freely and openly available to anyone to access - has been steadily gaining momentum. With the National Institute of Health's open access policy as well as those at Harvard and MIT, it is important to understand the different forms of open access that are available. Come to this workshop to learn about open access journals as well as self-archiving your work into a repository such as Illinois' IDEALS (

Mon, Oct 26, 4-5pm
Fri, Oct 30, 1-2pm


Workshop: Your Research Rights: Ownership Awareness to Maximize the Impact
You're going to be published - congratulations! Did you know that you own the copyright on your work until you transfer copyright to a publisher? Did you know you need to retain rights in order to include an article or reuse a chart in your dissertation or thesis or make your work openly available on the web? Come to this session and learn about what your rights as an author are and how to negotiate with publishers for the rights that you need to retain.

Tue, Oct 27, 9-10:30am
Wed, Oct 28, 3:30-5pm


Workshop: Practical Copyright: Considerations for Teaching and Research
You're writing a thesis or preparing to teach your course, but you have a lot of concerns about being ethical and abiding by copyright law. Come to this session and learn the basics of copyright law and some guidelines for how you can stay within the law using the four principles of Fair Use. Please remember that librarians cannot give you advice regarding copyright issues, but we can steer you in the right direction to find answers to your questions.

Tue, Oct 27, 2-3:30pm
Wed, Oct 28, 2-3:30pm


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October 8, 2009

What WAS the 1,000,000th Downloaded Item from IDEALS?

As announced the other day, the 1,000,000th idem had been downloaded from the University of Illinois digital archive, IDEALS.

For those of you wondering....

Download #999,999
"Milk and butter tests"
Downloaded from Bangkok, Thailand

Download #1,000,000
"Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 41 (04) 1987"
Downloaded from Doha, Qatar

Download #1,000,001
"Fracture Behavior of Concrete Materials for Rigid Pavement Systems"
Downloaded from Herndon, Virginia, USA

Sarah L. Shreeves
Coordinator, IDEALS
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
217-244-3877 or 217-333-4648

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October 7, 2009

IDEALS Digital Repository Surpasses 1-millionth Download

7 October 2009

IDEALS Digital Repository Surpasses 1-millionth Download

Urbana, Illinois—The Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship (IDEALS), a digital repository for research and scholarship developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has surpassed its one-millionth download.

The service, offered through the University Library and Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES), is sponsored by the Office of the Provost at Illinois and was launched in 2006. The campus institutional repository includes articles, working papers, preprints, technical reports, conference papers and, data sets in various digital formats provided by University faculty, staff, and graduate students. Although central to the University of Illinois, anyone can access and benefit from IDEALS collections and services.

“Today, over 12,000 items have been uploaded into IDEALS,” said Sarah Shreeves, associate professor and IDEALS coordinator. “The success of this service has surpassed what anyone envisioned two and a half years ago, and we hope that others in the Illinois community will take advantage of its services.”

The mission of IDEALS is to preserve and provide persistent and reliable access to digital research and scholarship in order to give these works the greatest possible recognition and distribution. IDEALS endeavors to ensure that its materials appear in search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, and Bing and that the majority of the research is openly available for anyone to access. As a result of its efforts to disseminate research produced at the University of Illinois, IDEALS was recently ranked in the top 10 of institutional repositories worldwide.

“I am delighted with the exposure that IDEALS has provided us with. Whenever we place a thesis or a report, the downloads start and never stop. We get many comments back from readers and researchers who have seen our work only on IDEALS,” said Amr Elnashai, head, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

IDEALS contains a wealth of diverse information, from a Mid-America Earthquake Center report on the Kashmir Earthquake of 2005 to the Ethnography of the University Initiative’s publications and presentations, including campus folklore and cultural perceptions.

“I appreciate that my thesis is archived in a stable location for reliable long-term access. The document is now freely available to anyone in the world, yet I retain the copyright,” said David P. Hruska, an Illinois graduate. “Furthermore, my thesis is now displayed in search results returned by Google Scholar, improving the dissemination of my research.

"This depository has been exceptionally helpful in preserving in an easily-accessed archive, the extensive field data sets I accumulated over a 25-year period," said Lowell Getz, professor emeritus, Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution (now Animal Biology) at the University of Illinois. "There are no other such data sets and most likely never will be again."

For more information about, or to access, the IDEALS digital repository, visit

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library holds over eleven million volumes, more than 90,000 serial titles, and more than nine million manuscripts, maps, slides, audio tapes, microforms, videotapes, laser discs, and other non-print material. The University Library is ranked highly nationally and globally, and its collections and services are used heavily by students, faculty, and scholars. More than one million items are circulated annually, and many more are used on site and virtually from anywhere in the world. For more information, please visit

Heather Murphy
Assistant Director of Advancement for Publications and Public Affairs
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library
435 Main Library, MC-522
1408 West Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: 217-333-3758
Fax: 217-244-7201

"Uncover and Discover"

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