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July 8, 2008

Nature Publishing Group to archive on behalf of authors

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) announced today that they will be offering a free service to archive published articles into PubMed Central and UK PubMed Central on behalf of authors. The press release is available here:

Peter Suber at Open Access News also mentions that NPG is interested in working with institutional repositories (such as IDEALS) as well. This could be a very important development for institutions who are interested in providing wide access to their research and scholarship.

Posted by Sarah Shreeves at 2:43 PM

Incorrect Citations

I've always been interested in the phenomenon of papers where the authors have cited papers that they haven't read -- and often cite them incorrectly: either the citation itself is wrong or they're misrepresenting the information / conclusions in the paper cited.

I often strongly suggested to grad students who are preparing their dissertations that they be SURE to look at EVERY paper they cite in their disseration / articles! I had thought, with the advent of reference management systems such as EndNote and RefWorks that the phenomenon of bad citations would decline.... apparently not.

Apparently this problem is still around.
As summarized in the July 8 Inside Higher Ed:
Cite Check

and as reported in Interfaces:
Vol. 38, No. 2, March-April 2008, pp. 125-139
The Ombudsman: Verification of Citations: Fawlty Towers of Knowledge?
Malcolm Wright, J. Scott Armstrong

Posted by Katie Newman at 10:52 AM