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August 30, 2006

Terms of Google's Deal to Digitize From the Univ. California System Revealed

The details of the deal Google struck with the University of California to digitize millions of their holdings, making them available via Google's Book project, have been revealed. Read on!

From KnowledgeSpeak:

The University of California (UC) has released a copy of its contract with internet search services provider Google, Inc., US. The document, available online at, throws light on the type of agreement Google is reaching with some of the leading academic libraries as part of its Book Search project.

The contract grants Google ‘sole discretion’ to use scanned material in its online services, subject to copyright restrictions. Under the agreement, Google or its successors will not charge users for searching and viewing search results containing digitised material, nor for accessing full text of public domain works. The contract is set to run for six years, but can be terminated earlier. Consequently, it will be renewed automatically every year until the parties agree to end the project. The deal calls for the university to provide 2.5 million volumes to the digitisation project. Also, the university is forbidden from licensing, sharing or selling the material to any third party.
Google had recently signed the University of California to its controversial book scanning project. Under the new agreement, the search engine giant will scan, digitise and make searchable millions of books from UC’s over 100 libraries across its 10 campuses. According to University sources, the university decided to post the contract publicly to satisfy a general interest in the document.
--- With thanks to Sarah Shreeves for pointing out this reference, Karen Doyle has analyzed the difference between the Michigan and the California Google contracts at:

Learn more about the Books project from this Google site,

Posted by Katie Newman at August 30, 2006 10:09 AM