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August 19, 2005

Trial of IRWI: Info Research Watch Int'l

The LIS Library has initiated a trial of the IRWI database (Information Research Watch International). Members of the UIUC community may access it until September 2, 2005 via the Online Research Resources search page:
or directly at this link:

Please take a moment to explore IRWI and advise me on its relevance to your work and scholarship, to assist me in deciding whether to subscribe. IRWI is available as a combined print + web subscription for $625/year.

Its publisher, CSA/Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, describes IRWI as follows:

“IRWI: Information Research Watch International reports new, ongoing and completed research in information and library science and related fields from around the world. Compiled from records supplied by the researchers themselves, the database gives access to information about current research prior to its appearance in the published literature, with details of researcher affiliation, research funding and funding bodies, duration, status of project and researcher contact information. The database currently contains over 8,500 records from more than 70 countries stretching back over 20 years.”

“The database is compiled by the Editor, Pirkko Elliott, from unpublished reports of research into library and information science (LIS) and related fields such as museums, archives and records management; print and broadcasting media, publishing and book selling; information and communications technologies and telecommunications associated with information storage, preservation, retrieval and dissemination. Project entries are accepted in any major European language, but English is preferred.”

“Major areas of coverage include:
o Archives and records management
o Bibliographic records
o Digital, virtual and hybrid libraries
o Document delivery technologies
o Information and communications technologies
o Information and knowledge management
o Information science theory and practice
o Information storage and retrieval
o Information work
o Internet and World Wide Web
o Knowledge and learning
o Libraries and resource centres
o Library and Information science profession
o Library collections and information resources
o Library technology
o Library use and users
o Media, publishing and book selling
o Reading and literacy
o Technical services”

“Dates of Coverage: 1980 – current.
Update Frequency: Monthly, with approximately 50 records added per update.”

More details are available at: http://www.csa.com/factsheets/irwi-set-c.php

Please send feedback to Sue Searing (searing@uiuc.edu) or click on "Comments" below to leave a comment here. Thank you!

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August 11, 2005

New LIS Library Website

On August 18-19, the LIS Library will be installing a new version of our web
site: http://www.library.uiuc.edu/lsx

During the switchover, parts of the web site may be temporarily unavailable.

Our new look is based on the current design of the Education & Social Science
Library’s site. It incorporates Cascading Style Sheets and other user-tested
features. In addition, we are enriching the content of the LIS Library site.
For example, we’re adding many annotated links to external web-based
information sources. Kudos to Graduate Assistant Lauren McDermott, who (with
help from Erik Kraft) built the new site.

We look forward to feedback from you. Please help us make the web site even
more useful and aesthetically pleasing. Send your comments and suggestions to


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