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October 2, 2007

"Playing your way to health"

An article on Wired today describes a new kind of therapy, kind of a version for Twister/DDR for physical rehabilitation:

"Patients recovering from surgery or injuries may soon be able to physically play their way to a full recovery with intelligent robotic systems that generate specialized games to challenge the human body's abilities.

Henrik Hautop Lund, a robotics and artificial-intelligence professor at the University of Southern Denmark is developing therapy tiles that guide patients through physical routines and help them heal.

Each tile is a miniature robotic system employing neural networks. The system looks like an elaborate, electronic version of Twister. As patients step on or press the tiles with their hands, the tiles give feedback, indicating whether ther pressure is firm enough, or if the user is moving quickly enough. Individuals can use the game alone, or up to four patients can compete against each other in a game. The tiles can be assembled in any configuration on the walls and floor to create an intelligent game space. "

Sandhana, Lakshmi (2007) "Robotic Therapy Tiles: Playing Your Way to Health"

Posted by undergrad at October 2, 2007 12:24 PM

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