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September 17, 2007

Musicverse: Games and Music

Experience the MusiVerse: KCPA Lobby, September 21st, 5 PM

On September 21st, in the KCPA lobby, you are invited to attend the
American premiere of Ben Smith's MusiVerse! Starting at 5 p.m. four
local performers will be join by a half-dozen remote performers,
connecting from around the country, to create a visual-musical
concert through the virtual space of the MusiVerse. Following the
performance will be an open demonstration time in which attendees are
invited to explore the MusiVerse through the open computer stations.

This performance is free and open to the public!

The MusiVerse was developed under the Cultural Computing Program at
UIUC, Guy Garnett, director.

The MusiVerse is a real-time, collaborative environment for creating
aural-visual performances and artworks. Its primary goal is to
facilitate creating rich interconnections between visual and aural
presentations by deriving both algorithmically from a single
underlying dynamic data set. This generic data set and the rules for
interpreting it aurally and visually, are collaboratively manipulated
by the performers/users. The MusiVerse appropriates technology from
contemporary 3-dimensional computer games in order to construct
aesthetically captivating environments that are both accessible and
easily portable.

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