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May 12, 2008

IOUG - Springfield, IL

9 May 2008: Springfield Illinois, IOUG (Illinois OCLC Users Group) Annual Meeting: My friend from library school and Virtual Reference Coordinator for the Illinois State Library, Natalie invited me to the heartland to enjoy the OCLC news (I had a fascination with OCLC in library school and am much interested in what they do, writing an uncalled for discourse analysis of their members council meetings for fun, etc.)

Three interesting speakers:

1. Bruce Crocco, VP at OCLC talked up some of the recent reports coming out of OCLC: the most recent of which is: Sharing, Privacy, and Trust in our Networked World. It was interesting to note that his daughter (18?) did not want to friend him online—this was mentioned by way of kids not trusting parents to view their profiles. (See also this interesting bit on Facebook privacy:

2. Read/Write Web: Web 2.0 Library Applications by Aaron Schmidt. ( Representative thought from this talk: mapping the video game Halo to ACRL information literacy standards—something kind of amusing to think over, if just as a thought experiment.

3. This was good: The Aftermath of the Final Report of the Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control at the Library of Congress, a report from Library of Congress Representative Beth Davis Brown. Summary: the report contains an urgency and though in some documents and from some places you will hear people wanting to put the brakes on Resource Description and Access (RDA)—there are joint statements from National Library of Medicine, and Library of Congress, et al., affirming their belief that RDA is important and ongoing, and straight out of the report--they jointly resolve to make RDA work on/for all new technologies with regard to information organization . My question to the catalogers and acquisition types—how do we study RDA in our library? I think it would be great to do tests here at a research library and help out!


p.s. - The list-serve is running a new SWOT analysis on the future of controlled vocabulary, very good discourse there.

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