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February 13, 2009

NIH Public Access Policy in Jeopardy

Sorry for any duplications -- this message is being sent to multiple lists in ACES, VetMed, IGB, SOLS, and a few others.

Those who are interested in open access to research articles that have been supported by government monies will be interested in this news:

ARL (Association of Research Libraries) is reporting that recently submitted congressional bill, supported by some of our largest publishers, would reverse the NIH Public Access mandate, and also make it impossible for other government agencies to start similar programs.

The basis thesis of the NIH mandate is that research publications that were supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health -- we have many researchers on this campus who are so supported -- must be made freely available to all within a year of publication. The thought is that the citizens paid for the research so they should have access to it!

The publishers are saying that the mandate infringes on their copyrights. But other scholars maintain that the mandate requires the authors to make available THEIR version of their work; that is, the version before they hand over copyrights to the publishers when they sign the regular publisher copyright agreement forms.

Additional links and information:

* Read the text of the ARL Letter.
* Learn about local assistance for NIH grantees to help them comply with the NIH Public Access policy
* Learn about the NIH Public Access policy
* Looking for a way to make your OTHER research available to all -- for FREE? Consider putting YOUR research in the U of Illinois repository, IDEALS.

Feel free to contact me for additional information about submitting your publication to the NIH's PubMed Central repository, or to our IDEALS repository!

~ Katie
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