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November 26, 2008

New Web of Science tool -- Scientific WebPlus

Thomson Scientific's Web Citation Index has morphed into Scientific WebPlus. A component of ISI Web of Knowledge (WOK) (inc. Science Citation Index), Scientific WebPlus now includes in its results data from 716 institutional repositories (theses, technical reports, dissertations, manuscripts, and more), including our own IDEALS, Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship repository.

You may search Scientific WebPlus directly via links to it on the Select a Database or Additional Resources pages. Results are filtered by domain (.com, .org, .edu, .gov, .au, and other). Links for Repository Results, News Results, and Blog Results are provided along with search results. For example, searching the term "Drosophila mauritiana" reveals 11 repository results from 7 institutions, including results from IDEALS.

Most links go directly to the deposits full text. If you know the name of the institutional repository you can also search the repository name and find a link directly to its Web site. For instance, searching the term "Ideals" finds IDEALS @ UIUC, the IDEALS homepage.

Additionally Scientific WebPlus results are integrated into every WOK search. Besides the general results list, you can locate Scientific WebPlus results from each results page next on the right page side in the same "Results" heading line via "Scientific WebPlus View Web Results" link.

Scientific WebPlus provides access to Web content that has been "fully vetted, adhering to high standards for scientific integrity, accuracy, timeliness, and readability" (Thomson Reuters, Your Access to Institutional Repository Data is About to Change, 2008). This will make your search for relevant Web sources a whole lot faster and productive.

Check out the IDEALS site for information on how you can deposit your research and scholarship into our repository, which then can be found by Web of Science and Scientific WebPlus searchers!

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