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January 31, 2008

ISI Web of Knowledge platform update

A new platform update for ISI Web of Knowledge is scheduled for February 3, at which point we will lose access to the older version.

Highlights include:

* More intuitive, streamlined design
* New tabular approach to accessing databases and database resources
* Search all databases that we subscribe to at the same time or individually
* PR describes a new multi-database search capability that uses "one common vocabulary that recognizes the varying terms used by different databases and maps them to a unified subject classification. Which means that a search with ISI Web of Knowledge will find all relevant items that may have originally been categorized differently. Newer terms recognize older terms. And specialized terms from one database recognize specialized terms from another."
* General Search now has 3 search boxes with database field options to select from -- you can add additional ones (I have not found a maximum yet!)
* Database indexes, such as Author, Publication Names, etc., easily accessible via small icon directly to the right of the field index box (when that field is selected)
* Searches can easily be refined by various categories via check boxes from Results page
* Search terms are highlighted (yellow) in Full Record
* Marked List functionality for all WOK search results

Biology Library database guides for Biological Abstracts, Science Citation Index, and Zoological Records have been updated.
For more see information from Thomson Scientific at http://isiwebofknowledge.com/currentuser_wokhome/cu_new/newface/.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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